Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Is it time to let them go?


Wisdom teeth (also called "third molars") often do not grow or push through the gums until people are in their late teens, or even older. Most people generally have four wisdom teeth - two upper and two lower, however some people may not develop any wisdom teeth. 
If the wisdom teeth are healthy and have completely erupted through the gums people will usually keep them as long as they can maintain them. Unfortunately this is  not usually the case. Many people do not have enough space in their jaw for their wisdom teeth to fully erupt, this leads to them becoming wedged in or "impacted"


Wisdom teeth are generally removed if they are decayed, infected, impacted or causing pain. If wisdom teeth are impacted or misaligned, they can cause damage internally to your other existing teeth whilst growing. As wisdom teeth are quite far back, they are more difficult to reach, and people may struggle to properly clean them. This often leads to build up of tartar and plaque, or even decay. Removal of these troublesome wisdom teeth should be done as soon as possible before the problem gets worse. If you feel pain in your jaw, gums, or even suffer headaches, wisdom teeth may be the cause. A thorough examination and consultation will help Dr. James B to determine whether an extraction is necessary.


Dr. James B may advise you to have your wisdom teeth removed on their own or as a part of other orthodontic treatment to prevent crowding. Wisdom teeth may need to be removed to make space for other teeth to straighten or remain straight.

X-rays & Diagnosis

It is essential during a consultation about your wisdom teeth to have X-rays taken in order for Dr. James B to properly diagnose their condition.

If you have had X-rays like an OPG taken in the last 6 months elsewhere, you may bring these with you during your consultation to save time. After inspecting your mouth, jaws and X-ray films, Dr. James B will discuss the diagnosis with you.

Dr. James B may recommend removal of one or more wisdom teeth or other options. The decision to have wisdom teeth removed is always yours. If your wisdom teeth are likely to be very difficult or complicated to remove, Dr. James B may refer you to an oral or maxillofacial surgeon.


The cost of wisdom teeth extractions varies case by case depending on the complexity. An exact quote can only be obtained during a detailed examination at a consultation appointment with Dr. James B.

Non-Impacted $200-300 per tooth

Impacted $350-600 per tooth


Swipe your healthcare fund and just pay the gap. All private health insurers are accepted. While this procedure is usually covered, the level your plan may cover can be checked by providing you with itemised codes of your treatment.